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Thank you for visiting!

May you have health, peace, and ease.

May you know your own strength in difficult times.

May you enjoy the light of each sunrise and 

delight in the newness of each day.

And in the golden tones of the sunset, may you be satisfied.

Here's to finding your inner gold deep within your source

And creating the perfect way to share it ~

Emiliana Patrick

Other Specialized Offerings

No prior knowledge of the Gene Keys is necessary.

These sessions combine astrology with the Gene Keys and clarify which fears are especially active in your life and how to move through them gracefully to unlock the gifts of your being.

No prior knowledge of Human Design is necessary.

These sessions enable you to understand the basics of your Human Design and include astrological transits to your design chart which enable you to maximize your energy.

This is a future offering, as Emiliana is currently pursuing her doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Herbology.  Learn about her journey by clicking here.

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