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My Background

Emiliana has spent over twenty years developing her own deep knowledge base and style of astrology that leads to personal understanding, breakthrough, and the transformation of inner lead into gold.  She is now an apprentice to breathwork specialist Andrew Bishop and is pursuing her doctorate in Chinese Medicine to facilitate ease in the physical body and mind during difficult astrological transits.


Emiliana (right) with Gussje

This site is dedicated to Gussje Lillienthal (1965 - 2021) and everyone who is facing whatever life brings them with courage, compassion and grace.  

My Approach

When you book a session, you decide what you want your focus to be and the amount of time you would like.  The day before your session, you receive your reports and zoom link.  No recordings of your session are made, except by you.  I live with integrity, honesty, and kindness and value your right to privacy and confidentiality.  

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