Astrology Offerings

Emiliana has been a practicing astrologer for over 15 years. 

Her sessions focus on how to use the influences happening in your life as well as the influences in your natal chart for empowerment, growth, and transformation.

You choose your focus: When you book a session, you decide what you want your focus to be and the amount of time you would like.  If you are not sure what your focus is, simply inform Emiliana to choose a focus for your session based on her observations of your chart - you won't be disappointed!


You receive reports: The day before your session you receive your reports and Zoom link via email.  You can also choose to do your session over the phone instead of Zoom. 


Your right to privacy is respected: No recordings of your session are made, except by you.  No personal information is ever shared. Emiliana values your right to privacy and confidentiality.  

Payment is due by midnight on the day of your session.



What Emiliana has learned...

For years, I charged $99 for one hour. This was my rate for both new and returning clients. I noticed that session after session would last for at least an hour and fifteen minutes!  Then, I had a realization.  I simply cannot do what I do in one hour.  What makes me happy is giving the most complete picture to you as possible and often that involves more than one technique. In addition, each session comes with individualized reports, which take time to make. I've also learned that sessions with new clients are different than sessions for those I've met with before and I need just a little bit more time with those I don't know yet.  After sitting with all of this, I've decided to get honest with myself about the session length and my pricing.  Getting honest is scary - yet adjusting this page to the reality that exists feels so good.  You'll see these changes reflected below.        

The Logistics

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Returning Clients

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