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Breath of Gold

You are the master of your own transformative process – illumination comes from within.


Other benefits: 

Move from fear to freedom, align with your authentic life path, discover the true desires of your heart, and incarnate more deeply into your physical body.  

Breath of Gold assists in the removal of any energetic inhibiting the activation of your genius, the opening of the heart, and the awakening of true prosperity.

Schedule a conversation to meet me and see if Breath of Gold is a good fit for you.

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Acupuncture Without Needles = Breath of Gold with Acupressure

Sessions that relieve physical and emotional pain and open new pathways in the physical and emotional bodies.  We are self-healing.  Life is self-healing.  

Already bought a package or single sessions?  Book below.

For the Trinity Ventures Team

Sessions for the Trinity Ventures team are scheduled below. 

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