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Lightening Your Load

Emiliana has recently begun an apprenticeship with Andrew Bishop, who has developed The Bishop Method.  The Bishop Method consists of gentle exercises combined with specific breath patterns.  This is a modality that works solely on the somatic level and gently changes the nervous system.  It teaches the body how to slow down naturally.

The Bishop Method is for you if you:

  • Regularly experience a feeling of being weighed down by something you can't identify

  • Live with a sense of an inner burden that can manifest in little motivation, a feeling of "going through the motions," and dissatisfaction

  • Have a sense that there are parts of your energy tied up in old emotions or stories that you can't quite access or free yourself from

  • Are reliving the same patterns again and again at work, in your close relationships, with your family, or in your health

  • Are experiencing chronic pain in your physical body

This method gently releases the heaviness by creating pathways yet unknown to your physical body and lightens your load.  This method works because it is a modality that works with the body through movement, not language.  It opens unseen blockages of energy in the physical body,  which is where we store the deepest places of unconsciousness.  By creating new pathways for your energy to flow, it brings your own inner light of the cells into the darkness, and gently illuminates that which needs to be known.  As a result, the organs relax, the meridians open, and more space is available for the self-healing mechanisms of the body to flood into tired, sore areas and old pains are relieved.

When she was twelve, Emiliana was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis curve of 50 degrees.  After wearing a back brace for three years, she refused spinal fusion surgery when she was fifteen. Since then, she has sought ways to increase mobility, become more flexible, and live a pain-free life naturally.  After working with Andrew consistently for a number of years, she has found that his method enabled her body not to rely heavily on stress hormones thus reducing the inflammatory response. It also taught a whole new way for energy to flow through Emiliana's physical body, creating health and ease.

Emiliana is thrilled to be able to offer joint sessions with both herself and Andrew. She will be learning from Andrew during your session and contributing to it through her open heart and deep acceptance of the nature of suffering.


The Logistics

All joint sessions with Emiliana and Andrew are done over Zoom.

Nothing is ever recorded.

Payment for your session is payment to Andrew - Emiliana is part of the session as an apprentice.  

Each 75 minute session is $165.

There is availability on Fridays and Sundays.

If you are interested in setting up a joint session with Emiliana and Andrew to experience The Bishop Method, please email Emiliana by clicking below.  

Please include dates/times (as well as your time zone) that you are 
available for the introductory session.  We will get back to you promptly!

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