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Chinese Medicine

A Natural Medicine for Our Time

Developed over centuries, complete with its own theories based in the laws of the natural world, Classical Chinese Medicine promotes life and creates harmony in our fast-paced modern way of being.

Emiliana is currently pursuing her doctorate in Chinese Medicine and Herbs, and within a year she will be an intern at the DT College Acupuncture Clinic in Asheville, NC. When that happens, she looks forward to combining her depth of knowledge in astrology with acupuncture treatments that promote life and health in the body and mind.  In the Fall, 2023 this page will be updated on how you can schedule an acupuncture treatment with Emiliana.   

Until then, the study of Chinese Medicine brings joy and peace to Emiliana. She smiles as she imagines the day when she will be able to combine the modalities she has worked so hard to learn for the benefit of all. With every herb and formula memorized, with every acupuncture point meditated on, she sends health and healing to every living being on our planet at this time.

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