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Dancing with Disruption

These are Turbulent Times

Personally and collectively, we are now in a time of great change and challenge.  In these times, there are greater disruptions both as circumstances change quickly in our outer lives and as anxiety and fear seem more prevalent in our inner lives.  However, in these times, there is also greater opportunity to break old patterns, change our perspectives, and experience greater vitality and energy.  However, this shift is happening on our planet through increasing disruption.  

Enter the Astrology of the Now:

Astrology is a system with living energies.

By knowing how these living energies are impacting you personally, doors open in your being that aid your empowerment, growth, and change.  You are also begin to spend your energy more appropriately.

When unwanted change arrives and great disruption appears, we have a map to know what time we're in.  This helps us to relax, to engage, to face our feelings with honesty and courage.  Knowing does not make you immune.  Knowing doesn't change the pain, the hurt, or the rage.  And yet, it encourages relaxation in the process, it helps you experience what you need to with far less fear and with far less resistance.  And, in the process, breakthroughs occur because we are allowing all that we are.

You stop wanting difficult influences to end and begin to engage them in a new way which encourages greater vitality and energy.  You work with the disruption instead of constantly fighting it and fighting yourself.  You enter into deeper relaxation inside yourself no matter what occurs.

Topic 1: Empower Yourself During Disruptive Eclipse Seasons

Learn what to expect and how to empower yourself during disruptive eclipse seasons. 

This is a great choice if you felt great change and disruption enter your life beginning in May, 2022.  If you noticed any of the following, this offering will ease your path:

  • Feelings of instability, unease, sudden bouts of insomnia

  • Inability to concentrate, a scattered mind

  • Sudden health problems 

  • Difficulty putting your finger on exactly what is going on, you just know that something going on below your own surface and you would like to know more and get to the bottom of it!


You receive:  your personalized video (1 - 1.5 hours long) and a 1 hour consult to answer any questions and dive deeper into how to navigate eclipses wisely.