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Fulfillment is Freedom

Support on Your Path to Fulfillment

Fulfillment begins on the inside.

This offering is for you if you:

  • Have set clear goals for yourself but just can't seem to meet them

  • Want to make positive changes in your life and are in need of support as you make them

  • Feel like you've lost touch with your own inner direction or inner compass

  • Sense that a "go-go-go" approach to life just doesn't work and that there has to be a different way

  • Want to get in touch with your own natural rhythms but are not sure what they are

  • Know what you want but have no idea how to begin to live the life you've imagined

  • Are struggling with a constant sense of overwhelm

  • Have glimpses of deep inner peace and freedom and want to discover more of this in your daily life

The Bottom Line

Only you can walk your path.  It helps to have support. 

Only you can find your true direction.  It helps to have someone holding up a light so that you can see it.

Only you can find your courage to make difficult changes because you that short term discomfort is sometimes necessary for long-term benefit.  It helps to know you're not alone.

Only you can give yourself the gift of freedom and fulfillment.  It helps to have someone lifting you up as you discover your unique way to do it. 



2 Hour Opening Consultation

We get on the same page. You inform Emiliana of what you are needing support with so that she can create your personal daily audios and other materials that are in accordance with your nature, the true desires of your heart, and your personal path to fulfillment and freedom.

Personalized Daily Audios

These are made especially for you based upon our opening consult, the astrological influences you are working with, and how the daily moon cycles are impacting you personally.  You receive up to three audios per day (morning, evening, and a special focus of your choice).  The fulfillment energetic is transmitted to you through the audios and assists you as you move on your own path. They generate ease and grace in your life no matter what you are facing.  They also provide daily motivation and inspiration and foster awareness of interconnectedness with all life - you are not alone.  Each audio varies in length but is around 10 minutes.  You decide how you want your audios to be delivered - text or email.


Feedback is a necessary part of this process.  You can let Emiliana know at any time what is working and what isn't working.  She makes changes immediately based on your input. 

1 Hour Weekly  Consultation

We start with your vision.  We ground ourselves in not-knowing to see what's arising in the now.  Your path becomes further illuminated through your insight.  The audios or any other components of support that have been implemented are tweaked or changed based on these meetings.

How to Begin?

Set up a free 30 minute consultation with Emiliana to see if we're a good fit.  If it's a go, we agree on all of the logistics together, including price, and set up the consultation schedule.  












Right now we are so fortunate!  There are so many methods, so many teachers, so many paths that lead to freedom from conditioning, the opening of our hearts, and the ways to live as a human being in a body on our precious planet.  As you move along your path, as you gravitate to whatever is resonating with you - you may find yourself in need of daily support. 


The methods that exist on the pathway to fulfillment are infinite, but there are markers that are the same along the way.  There is a purification, or release, of the identification with wounds held deep within our cells and bloodlines. There is an opening of the pathways and meridians for your inner light to shine. You begin to lighten up.  Peace comes to your heart. Insights deepen.  And, somewhere along the way, you see what the true desires of your heart actually are - not what you think they are.  You see what will actually make you happy - not what you think will make you happy.  This is the doorway to fulfillment and freedom.

Along the way, much fear can arise as we find ourselves pioneering our own paths and going where we are uncomfortable.  And yet, vitality is awakened.  We call upon our courage.  Our days become longer.  Our energy becomes more vital.  We are now surrendering old patterns, not through our mind, but through our being.  In the readiness of time, small changes lead to great shifts.  We become patient with ourselves and with each other. 


Our capacity to engage and to live fully - to greet whatever our day brings - increases.  One day at a time, our inner light illuminates the outward actions in the world that bring true joy, not just temporary pleasure.  As the confusion clears, our goals are illuminated by the heart and not dictated by the mind.  The way to achieve them - the right actions - arise from the mystery of all life.  

Your path is your own. No one can walk it but you.  The support offered here helps you to move into fulfillment and freedom in your own way and in your own time.  

Diving Deeper

The Logistics

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