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Astrology and the Gene Keys

A Synthesis of Empowerment

In a Nutshell

This session is for anyone who is interested in raising their consciousness.  Since each Gene Key is connected to certain astrological degrees, you can learn which fears are the most active at any time and also which gifts are primed to be unlocked through transits to your chart.  Empowerment comes as the energy suppressed in the fear (aka 'shadow') is released as the gift.  This shift also brings greater vitality, creativity, and joy.  This session is perfect for anyone who is on a path of transformation, growth, healing, and wholeness or for anyone doing active shadow work of any kind.

The day before your session you receive your reports and Zoom link.  You can also choose to do your session over the phone instead of Zoom.  No recordings of your session are made, except by you.  No personal information is ever shared. Emiliana values your right to privacy and confidentiality.  

Payment is due by midnight on the day of your session.  

Diving Deeper


The Gene Keys is a transmission by Richard Rudd with a foundation in the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, the Christian mystics, and the Buddhist Masters.  It also includes the ancient Hermetic teachings on alchemy.  


According to the Glossary of Empowerment, the definition of a Gene Key is:

Gene Key — One of 64 universal attributes of consciousness. Each Gene Key is a multi-dimensional portal into your inner being whose sole purpose is to activate your higher purpose and ultimately allow you to embrace your own Divinity. One way in which your higher purpose is activated is through sustained contemplation of the Gene Keys and their frequency bands.

Each Gene Key contains a Shadow frequency, a Gift frequency, and a Siddhic frequency. The Shadow frequency is the frequency band relating to all human suffering. The Shadow frequency band emerges from an ancient wiring in the human brain. Such wiring is based on individual survival and is linked directly to fear.  When this Shadow frequency is recognized and accepted completely, and moved through, it unlocks the Gift of the frequency.

The Gift frequency is the frequency band relating to human genius and open-heartedness. As your awareness delves more fully into the Shadow frequencies, it unlocks latent energy held within your DNA. This energy is released through your physical, astral and mental bodies as light. Physically, this can lead to changes in your body chemistry and increased vitality. Emotionally, it can lead to uplifting feelings, joyousness and a pervading sense of optimism. Mentally, it can lead to insight and great creativity.  

The frequency of the highest consciousness is the Siddhic frequency.  The Gene Keys Astrological sessions Emiliana facilitates are not aimed at facilitating experiences of these very high frequencies of consciousness.  These experiences come through moments of grace and their timing is a mystery.

Each Gene Key relates to a specific hexagram in the I Ching and certain astrological degrees.  These sessions focus on where to place your awareness during any given time. They inform you which shadows to become the most aware of so that you are able to move through them.  Furthermore, the Gene Keys transmission includes specific ways to unlock each Gift frequency hidden in the shadow.  These pathways lead to greater vitality, creativity, and joy as the repressed energy in the shadow is released and transformed into the gift. 

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