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Astrology and Human Design

Master the Flow of your Energy

In a Nutshell

These sessions are for anyone wanting to master the flow of the energy through their being.  They are all about how to maximize your energy.  Understanding your Human Design makes you aware of what your own energy flow feels like when it is healthy and unhealthy.  This knowledge enables relaxation as you stop trying to be what you're not.  When you know how your Human Design functions in a healthy way, you make choices that benefit your life. Understanding the transits to your Human Design chart will show you when you have access to more energy and can make the most of it.  

The day before your session you receive your reports and Zoom link.  You can also choose to do your session over the phone instead of Zoom.  No recordings of your session are made, except by you.  No personal information is ever shared. Emiliana values your right to privacy and confidentiality.  

Payment is due by midnight on the day of your session.  

New to Human Design?


  • Understand your HD: Empower Yourself & Honor Your Unique Energy Flow

    2 hr


Already know about your Human Design?